Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ollie's Angels

If you've been wondering where I am or why I trailed off the radar for a bit, I apologize! Our boy Ollie fell ill and needed a stay at the Animal Hospital. Staying up with him and worrying took a toll on all of us this week, including Sallie. We're still not sure what is wrong, but he is showing improvement. They let us take him home tonight, to return tomorrow morning for another round of IV medications. He doesn't do well away from home, so we're his intensive care unit.

He's almost 15, but don't be fooled, he does everything his younger sister does, including walking a couple miles a week. He has overcome so many health scares, falls, and mishaps over the years we joke he has 9 lives... but his one really scared us (and still does until he's back on his feet).

While Ollie was away I did not know what to do with myself. I was so distracted I could not get the brain or hands to do much. I decided to create angels; I haven't created angels in a long time. It took me 3 days to create 9 of them start to finish. When I looked at them today I couldn't help but call them "Ollie's Angels." I really put my heart and a lot of love into these ladies and I hope it shows. Each one is holding a wing full of natural quartz crystals I have infused with Reiki energy. If you're wondering why there's only 8 pictured, angel #9 is hanging over Ollie's bed.

Lots of prayers, love, and Reiki seem to be helping as our boy is home tonight and resting comfortably. Hopefully his progress will continue and he'll be back to his old stubborn dachshund self soon. I miss those grumbles and barks, but we did get some kisses today!

I'll be playing catch up the next several days. If you haven't heard back from me, don't be afraid to send me a reminder. Thanks for all your support and love, it means the world to us!


  1. Hi Kristie, gosh Sweetie, I'm sorry to hear all of this about Ollie! Bless his precious heart, he wants to be at home with his mommy. My prayers are with him and with you and your family! I have 3 furry ones that are older now myself and also 3 kitties, my heart just breaks when I think of them needing to go to the vet hospital and staying.
    I hope that you have a better day and that Ollie starts to get better! Happy Easter.
    Hugs and happy beading...

  2. Hi Kristie
    There is one thing for sure, Ollie knows he is loved. I am sure knowing that is making his ordeal easier.
    XX, Carol

  3. Glad to hear Ollie is doing a bit better now, he sure gave us all a scare! Love the Ollie angels, are they on eBay yet?

  4. Hi Kristie - how is your dog? Well I hope!
    Keep us informed,
    Sue xx