Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Meet Jewelry Artist Sue Rose ~ a.k.a. Rosebudlia

Today's featured artist is Sue Rose, a.k.a. Rosebudlia. Sue is a jewelry and textile artist in Tunbridge, Kent, United Kingdom. I recently met Sue on etsy, and feel like we've been friends for years. (How could we not bond, she is addicted to cabochons, textiles, and creating jewelry!) Her creations are amazing and inspiring. When Sue sent me a picture of the above Steampunk Lady Necklace she's been working on, I had to share!!

Sue creates and sells her one-of-a-kind jewelry, wearable textile art, tutorials, and hundreds of vintage cabochons via her websites rosebudliacabochons.com and rosebudlia.co.uk. She also shares a wealth of information and works-in-progress on her site too. Be sure to visit her websites, you'll find inspiration and something you can't live without!

In Sue's words, "I have been in the jewellery business for almost 30 years so I know a bit about what's what -lol. My background is art history and art design. I make and sell many varied forms of jewellery and jewellery making requirements. I don't make repeats, (each piece) will always be a unique Rosebudlia creation. I have thousands of cabochons which are my passion."

Thank you Rosebudlia for inspiring me and for allowing me to feature you and your amazing creations. I am in awe of your talent! I never imagined the blue steampunk lady cab would become so beautiful!!!

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  1. Hi Kristie, oh my goodness her work is amazing! I love that Steampunk Lady Necklace, it's very gorgeous!
    If you would be so kind to stop over a my blog I nominated you for a award. Hope your rest of your evening is a beautiful one!