Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meet Jewelry Artist Kinga Shaub of White Rabbit Jewels

Today's featured artist is Kinga Shaub of White Rabbit Jewels. Kinga specializes in designing and creating bead embroidered necklaces and bracelets. Her designs are one-of-a-kind and amazingly intricate and inspiring!!

Pictured here are a few of Kinga's bead embroidered pieces. I love the organic textures, colors, and shapes of Kinga's work... her creations look like pieces from a magical land where fairies sprinkled magic dust that turned into beautiful jewelry (if only it were that easy). In Kinga's words "I live in a permanent state of enchantment where everything is possible, shifting colors and shapes, fairies and elves and moody mysterious beings often steal their way from their reality into my jewelry"

I can't imagine how many countless hours Kinga takes designing and creating her jewelry! For more of Kinga's creations be sure to visit her etsy store White Rabbit Jewels; you might find a piece you can't live without! Kinga is new to etsy, be sure to heart her and send a little support her way. Thank you Kinga, for sharing your passion, kind words, and inspiration with me!! I never imagined Greenman would become something so beautiful!!!


  1. Hi Kristie, Happy Spring! Oh my goodness what gorgeous pieces! Thank you for sharing them, I'll be sure to take a peek at her shop! I hope that you have a beautiful new week!
    Hugs and happy beading...

  2. Hi Kristie, nice post. Isn't her work wonderful! Love her focals.

    Happy Spring

  3. White Rabbit is amazing. I like it's all jewels and i love this design.