Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two Blizzards in five Days... 36 inches of snow in 5 days.... ahhh... Lancaster, PA

Okay... it was kind of fun getting 20 inches of snow Saturday night. But, to get another foot and a half today, it's gotten ridiculous! Times like these when I think... why did I leave Florida? This is the view out our living room door today... another oasis of blowing Snow! Sallie is bewildered and beside herself now.

We are officially in a state of emergency and everything is closed in the area. Needless to say, that includes the post offices. Packages should go out tomorrow, as long as the post office is open. We're crossing our fingers we keep our power and cable/internet... otherwise we'll go completely crazy!

Hope you're staying warm and cozy. We've given up on shoveling... Ollie can poop on the porch today. Actually, anyone can poop on the porch today if they want to, it's one of those kind of days! We'll shovel it up tomorrow!

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  1. Sorry you are snowed in. Enjoy a nice quiet time doing whatever you want!!