Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Shades of Blue Sun & Moon Cameo

Today's feature is a signed celestial sun & moon cameo I created this past week... If I were going to hand you a piece of my creative soul this would be it. I put my heart into everything I make, which is probably why I am so slow when I'm working on things. But, every now and then a piece is just a little extra special... this is that piece. It's like the planets perfectly and the colors, the finishes, and the parts & pieces just united and came to life perfectly.

I can't see packing her away in a drawer, she needs to become something even more beautiful! If you decide she is the one for you, just promise you will make something beautiful with her... or if nothing else add a pin back or something simple and and wear her as she is. She needs to be enjoyed!

The heart goddess pictured here is another one of my favorites of the week... she is a large Victorian heart goddess. She's gorgeous... Oh gosh, I have to stop falling in love with these!! I will warn you, they are addictive-- to make and collect.

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