Saturday, February 13, 2010

Look out! My new Steampunk Face Cabs are addictive!

I am officially addicted to steampunk. I have always been captivated by steampunk and gothy things... so I decided to treat myself to a batch of vintage watch parts a couple weeks ago. Once I started playing with them and setting them in my polymer clay faces I was hooked! (still working on wire wrapped ideas too). I became a junkie; I think I sat at my bench for 16 hours without looking up. Well, not 100% true, bathroom and tea breaks were definitely in there somewhere. I had a ball... the next couple days were spent detailing and finishing my new steampunk faces to bring them to life.

Once you start you can't stop! I'm not kidding. I haven't stopped thinking about more ideas since I made the first batch. My brain is going crazy with new ideas-- I need more hours in the day!!

What's steampunk some of you might be wondering? Hmmm ... imagine a science fiction world meets the Victorian era (or steam power era, hence the name). Like a steam powered computer or TV or a Victorian Doll meets Robot.

While in my creative trance I created a bunch of "gear driven" goddess faces... pretty faces with random gears, cogs, and Swarovski Crystals adorning them. Steam powered, pretty ladies, waiting for some lavish Victorian inspired adornment... perhaps some delicate bead weaving, lace, fleur-de-lis, angel wings, brass scrolls, or surgar, spice, and anything nice! I saved a few for me and can't wait to see what you create with the others!

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