Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Wire Wrapped Earring Designs!

Last week I was stuck on making classic wire wrapped earrings... this week was all about trying new designs and ideas! Adventurous... free-form designs with woven, coiled, and smooth wire united to create some amazing earrings!

When I sat down I wasn't sure what the outcome would be... I was just having fun. Now that they are finished I'm loving these new earrings. They are kind of steampunk-- futuristic strands, lines, and coils that are oxidized to age them. I must admit, I kept a pair for me. :) It was fun changing things up and trying some new ideas. While I was working on these I thought of lots of new wire wrapped pendant designs. I just need to find some time to make them before my brain explodes!!


  1. Paula...1:08 AM

    These are awesome Kristie!

  2. Anonymous7:37 PM

    WOW the ones with the crystals are amazing! they would go with everything... you never stop amazing me! hugs! Debbie C.