Friday, May 01, 2009

New clay face designs on the way....

I just wanted to sneak on before bed to share two new polymer clay face designs. These aren't in my ebay store yet, it will be a few days....they are still in progress at the moment. I am loving the steam-punk feel to the piece above.

I've been working with new textures and clay surface treatments, experimenting with ink. They create some beautiful tie-dye like surface effects! The green piece to the right was actually an "accident.." My bottle of ink tipped over when I was done with it and splashed across the cab... when I looked the splash of ink created a perfect line of tears trailing down her left cheek... I decided to leave them. They were too perfect to wipe them off! Funny how accidents can create the most unique pieces.

Gotta get some sleep, good night!

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