Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Random Things about ME!

I did the famous list of "25 Random Things about Me" for my facebook friends and thought I would cut and paste it here for all of my blog and ebay friends. I hope you'll get to know a little about me--the human-- and have a laugh too. The one thing I left out is that I have a wierd sense of humor...everything here is true and from my heart, even if it's a little strange!
  1. It took me 5 years and 3 colleges to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in health administration. I worked 3 jobs (at the same time) while attending college to pay for tuition without taking out loans.
  2. I moved to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 2 weeks after graduation and lived there for 11 years. I currently live in Lancaster, PA…needed a break from hurricanes. It can be stressful wondering if your house is going to blow away every summer. I hate cold & snow, and this time of year, I wonder why I’m back up north.
  3. I stay up late---I mean real late. I go to bed when the sun is coming up. Insomnia?
  4. I have 10 toes….5 on each foot. My second toes are longer than my big toes are. You know what they say about people with a longer second toe…. (royalty or the potential to be a werewolf, you pick)
  5. I always thought I was going to be a scientist or a veterinarian. I majored in it for a few years. Unfortunately, I had so many serious lab mishaps in college my organic chem professor would only pass me if I promised not to come back. He told me if I majored in science I would be lucky if I could get a job testing horse pee. Years later he still mentioned my lab disasters as examples of what NOT to do in chemistry.
  6. I worked in the healthcare industry for 14 years. I currently own my own business—designing and selling jewelry online and at local art galleries. I am often torn… I love creating, yet I miss the craziness of working in healthcare as a Marketing Director.
  7. I have never been married and have no human children.
  8. I love stones and crystals. My collection includes thousands of them. I am very sensitive to the energy of stones and believe they can affect our health, mood, environment, and more.
  9. I am addicted to tea. I drink about 2 gallons of black tea a day.
  10. I am of Polish, English, and Native American decent. My family used to joke that we build our tee-pees upside down and drink tea at high noon. Maybe that’s why I love tea so much, but I don’t live in a tee-pee.
  11. After 10 years of no communication with my college boyfriend (Ian) he found me online, we typed back and forth…then talked all night on the phone…then he came to Florida to visit… and we’ve been inseparable ever since.
  12. I own about 35 pairs of glasses… I like wearing different glasses all the time. I used to buy a couple pairs a month when I lived in Florida (they were cheap there). My prescription recently changed and I am freaking out at the thought of having to change all of those lenses!
  13. I feel better in my 30’s than I did in my 20’s!
  14. I bought my first Japanese car last year—a Toyota Matrix and I love it.
  15. I am always cold since I moved up north. I don’t know what I would do without polar fleece, long johns, and electric blankets.
  16. I love gardening and I’m not afraid of bugs or snakes as long as they are outside. I also love power tools and hand tools… I have lots of them and I know how to use them.
  17. I hate cooking and I am a terrible, dangerous cook. I consider a successful meal one that does not bring about flesh wounds or fire.
  18. I once had a yellow car that I loved…but I never buy yellow stuff… no yellow clothes, no yellow decorations, no yellow anything except for flowers and food.
  19. I like ice hockey. My team is the Philly Flyers, has been since I can remember. Favorite player of all time-Ron Hextall.
  20. I nearly died 2 weeks after my 30th birthday. I spent a few weeks in the hospital due to severe complications from a bad gall bladder. There are many (including myself) that did not think I would be here today.
  21. The last two toasters I have owned were silver…the one before them was black. I am not sure why I remember the color of my toasters… but I do. I once remember my mom getting so mad at a toaster, that she ran down the driveway with it, and threw it in the street. That is a great memory, perhaps that is why toasters have a special place in my heart. Never trust a toaster though, no matter how great it is.
  22. I am left handed at just about everything except for writing on paper and cutting paper.
  23. I think my wiener dogs are smarter than many people. I sometimes wonder if they are smarter than I am.
  24. I am forgetful and I am easily distracted. I notice the strangest things no matter where I am. I am especially good at finding foreign matter in my food.
  25. Someone once referred to me, mom, and my sis as the “INFAMOUS BRIGHAM WOMEN.” I wish that person knew how true that statement is… in so many ways!

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