Monday, February 23, 2009

New Face Cabochons!

Finally some new designs!! I have been working on new clay faces and wanted to share a few of them. Most of these pieces mix burnt umber antiquing with metallic acrylics. I am loving the effect; the antiqued areas contrast nicely with the iridescent acrylics. The dragons are all metallic, achieved with embellishing powders rubbed into the raw clay.


  1. These are truly exquisite! Almost speechless. Not sure what twist path led me to your blog, but I'm glad it did.

  2. This is just gorgeous. I second the comment made above!! Of corse, I like the jewel tones the best!

  3. Having just received a beautiful order of dragon heads and wings from you ... I can definately agree with the comments above. You make the most amazing clay pieces I have ever seen.