Monday, March 02, 2009

Meet Jewelry Artist Trudy of Black Crow Jewelry

Today's featured artist is Trudy, of Black Crow Jewelry. Trudy is an amazing bead artist who lives in the Netherlands. Her designs are are stunning... so intricate, yet precise and balanced. Trudy has an eye for color and texture that you just have to admire!

In Trudy's words, "All of my jewelry is designed and made by myself, and is truly one of a kind... A lot of my jewelry is inspired by Native American art. Since I made my very first embroidered beaded cuff I was addicted! Each bracelet takes 25-30 hours to make, but it's fun to do."

Trudy's one-of-kind jewelry and tutorials are available on her website Black Crow Jewelry. She ships worldwide. Most of her site is in Dutch, however you can figure most of it out (via the international language of jewelry--LOL) Don't be afraid to contact Trudy to ask questions-- Trudy is fluent in English and very gracious!

Thank you Trudy-- for all of your kind correspondence and for allowing me to share your beautiful jewelry with everyone. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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