Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rhodochrosite Heart Pendants & Valentine's Inspired Clay Faces

I have been making Valentine's Day Jewelry and clay this past week. Hearts, romance, and chocolate on the brain! Tonight I wanted to share these rhodochrosite heart pendants... the stones are so amazing. They are natural pieces of pink rhodochrosite from Argentina and the color and patterning in them is exquisite. Mother Nature is an amazing artist! I stumbled upon these stones at Gallery 141 in Lancaster and had to have them.

They are crystaline watermelon pink rhodo with zig-zag bands of light pink and hints of cream and grey. The rhodo is so gemmy in these, especially for larger (30-32mm) pieces. They actually exhibit color change...under incandescent light they are watermelon in color and when outside, in sunlight, they are more of a standard medium pink. I thought I was going crazy at frist, but they really do shift in color in the gemmy pink areas. I haven't seen afordable pieces as nice as these in a long time so I had to share the view! I'll be sharing my new clay designs soon...hint, I fell in love with a couple of the pieces and can't part with them.

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  1. I'm not a very pink oriented person, but I really like the patterning on the first stone!