Friday, January 16, 2009

Romatic Clay Faces

Today's creations are all new designs... romantic scrolled face cameos and beads. I made a handful of these and fell in love with a few of them, so I'll be busy making myself a necklace. They have so much detail and are really a labor of love. It took me 2 full days to complete 12 of them... My arms were exhausted when I was done--from all of the difficult stamping. Each piece is 100% one of a kind, you'll never see another one like it. I tried to make matching pieces and it is impossible!

From start to finish each cameo takes 2 hours or more to create! Several steps are involved. A face cab is molded and set on a backplate of textured clay. Once this base is completed layers of stamped clay are shaved with razor blades and needles and applied to the surface of the wet clay. Once cured each one is antiqued, then sealed and fired 3 times to ensure the glaze is durable. The thin layers of textured clay have amazingly intricate detail... much like the ornate etchings on vintage postage stamps or currency. The antiquing really brings out the detail. Be sure to click on a picture to enlarge the image and see these up close!

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  1. Your work is amazyng! I like so much 'cause it's very original and details rich!! (i apologize for my bad english..greatings and "BRAVA!" from Italy !!)