Thursday, January 08, 2009

Meet Artist Donna Sakamoto Crispin

Today's feature artist is Donna Sakamoto Crispin. Donna shared a picture of a Shamaness she created with one of my face cabs and I was in love! When I visited her website ( I was amazed! Her creations are breathtaking and so inspiring! I had to share her with you.

Donna lives in Eugene, Oregon and has been weaving baskets sice 1986. She also weaves figures ~ some mythical, some serious, some playful. Look for rattles, jewelry, masks, woven
sculptures, and more.

Donna receives her inspiration and weaving materials from the natural world. She has lived in some of the most beautiful places in the Western U.S., where she has seen and experienced the lessons of the earth. Although she is now living in an urban area, her pieces reveal the spiritual and physical connection she has developed with nature.

Last year Donna's works were featured in Belle Armoire Jewelry, Log Home Living Magazine, and Natural Home Magazine. She is available to teach most types of basket-making techniques & can tailor workshops to meet your needs. Donna teaches adults and children. She has many years of experience with elementary school age children, as a teaching assistant...

Be sure to visit Donna's website to see her schedule of workshops and sales for this year. I wish I lived closer! Donna, thank you for sharing your creations with me (and for allowing me to share them here). Your work is so beautiful, passionate, and intricate. It is truly amazing!

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  1. Donna was such an inspiration! Here's a link to her feature in Natural Home magazine:


    Kim Wallace
    Assistant Editor
    Natural Home magazine