Friday, June 06, 2008

Natural Quartz Crystal Earrings... to die for!

Today I was obsessed with creating natural quartz crystal earrings--without the use of glue or drilling them. This obsession actually began yesterday and continued from the time I woke up today 'til now! I don't even know where time went. I definitely hit that state of Zen when you're so into creating you hear nothing around look up at the clock and the day is over! (The only interruption was the dogs doing the "pee-pee dance.")

Think I accomplished my earring designs utilizing sterling silver, copper, and 14K gold filled wire and natural Madagascar Quartz Crystals! I've dubbed one of my new designs "Crystal Infinity" Natural quartz crystals are wrapped into an infinity symbol design. They are cool as the crystals are not overwhelmed with wire and do not need glue to hold them in...tension created by the architecture of the design holds the crystal points in securely! I think I have a new favorite---of course I had to make a pair for me! I listed a bunch of these new pieces in my store--and there's matching pendants too.

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