Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pink Geodes and Colorful Quartz!

I've been hooked on natural quartz crystals and tiny geodes this week! This little pink geode is my favorite---it is natural pink agate with a quartz center that sparkles like diamonds!

I wrapped a handful of lithium phantoms, Tibetan Quartz, and this harlequin fire quartz point. I noticed reds and pinks have been the colors of the week so far! Funny how we are drawn to certain colors at times....

I wrapped all purple and green stones for 2 days, not realizing what influenced my purple and green creations.... I looked over to a vase of lilacs on my workbench and laughed. It was amazing how much the lilacs influenced my work! I try to keep all kinds of colorful items in my workshop so I am not influenced by a particular color scheme.

I don't have anything pink or red that stands out on my bench....hmmmm perhaps it was all of the beautiful flowers we saw this weekend when we went to Longwood Gardens. All of those beautiful orchids, water lilies, irises, and rhododendrons--love them!

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