Sunday, May 11, 2008

Abalone Abyss Rings

I've been stuck on abalone again--must be the warm weather. Actually I created several abalone and pearl pieces this past week. The pearl anklets and abalone rings are some of my favorite pieces. I also made a few coin pearl rings---they went as fast as I put them up for sale---I'll have to make a few more and take pictures this time!

These abalone rings are wrapped and coiled oxidized silver with highly iridescent abalone in the center. While I was making them I thought they looked like an "Abalone Abyss" --a chasm of illuminating color that never seems to end when you look into these shells!

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  1. Thiti3:30 AM

    Hi, Just wanted to tell you I adore your work! I am making jewelry myself and wire wrap and wire sculpted jewelry has been my best interest, but not knowing where to start I am still struggling to find a good source of knowledge base.

    How did you start?, if you don't mind my asking that is. I would love to know more about your story concerning this fantastic art.

    Thank you.