Friday, May 09, 2008

Unbelieveable Crochet Designs & Artist: Kat Paws Crochet Designs

Hello, it's been a bit since I blogged, but I'm back and ready to roll again!

I wanted to say "Hello" to and dedicate this entry to a fellow artist I met on ebay... Kat of Kat Paws Crochet Designs! Kat creates BEAUTIFUL crocheted clothing, jewelry, stuffed animals, and all kinds of neat things. Her clothes are all handcrafted by her and made to your exact measurements to ensure a perfect fit. There's nothing like clothes made to order. Kat's designs are fresh, fun, and romantic & sexy...something I never thought I would say about crochet!

When Kat told me she does crochet I was thinking granny squares, blankets, doilies, and potholders... those things are nice, but Kat's designs are cool.

Kat's crochet tank tops and sweaters are perfect for us bead addicts to have fun customizing and embellishing with our own beads! Beads can be easily woven and sewn into the crochet to create a stunning one-of-a-kind top... and you can customize a choker to match. Perfect for summertime.

I asked Kat if she could make me a couple of wiener dog babies and she did! They are in the mail and I can't wait to see them...I've included a picture she took of my little Ollie & Sallie immortalized in crochet--they are so cute!

Thanks Kat for adding some fun to my week and sharing your creations with me.

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