Saturday, May 31, 2008

What have I been up to?

Whew! What a crazy week---it flew by!

I have been making all kinds of pretties! Only a few will find their way into my ebay store. This has been a week of custom jewelry requests and clay requests.

I thought I would share this piece tonight. This is a 12x20mm faceted amethyst set in sterling silver with 2 natural phenacite crystal accents! I wasn't sure how to approach this piece as the amethyst was as deep as it was wide---which means the piece is apt to tip or roll around when worn if not properly supported. Then the little crystals...they were only 4& 5mm and were rod shaped, meaning not much to grab onto to secure them! It took a few days of thinking and a good day of making those thoughts come to life.

This is one of those pieces that had to be constructed and designed simultaneously---sometimes what looks good on paper (or in my head) doesn't work in real life. The final result was stunning....a little different than my original plan of attack, but that's what makes wire wrapping such a unique art! It is amazing how these stones came to life once they were set. They were beautiful before, but once set in the silver---they radiate sparkle and light like someone plugged them in!! This piece is on its way back home to join its owner...I hope she loves it when she sees it in real life. ---Thank you D. for entrusting me with these exceptional stones and allowing me the creative freedom to create this piece for you!

I get so excited when it comes to custom work... and scared sometimes! Custom work is often a labor of love--a lot of thought and time goes into designing a piece of jewelry... particularly with odd shaped stones/ crystals/ focals. Payment covers materials, but rarely covers the amount of time spent designing... The thing with custom work is taking on a challenge and conquering it successfully-- it pushes me to think out of the box and to try new things.

I remember presenting a customer with a pendant I crafted of a piece of jade she had in her jewelry box for years and never wore. Watching her open the box was like Christmas--I think I was as excited as she was--I just wanted to see her response. She loved it! I was like a little kid---so happy that she was happy! Crazy! It's fun taking others' stones or little sentimental odds 'n ends and turning them into something beautiful, new, and wearable. It is definitely a rush to see them look upon these things with new eyes. I've had no disasters yet---thank goodness---I think I would be a basket case!!

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