Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hope You had a Happy Holiday & Look forward to the New Year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We visited our family & had a great Christmas. I'm including pictures of Ian & I with our fur kids & a picture of my family....Mom, Sis, & Me... also know as 'The Infamous Brigham Women'---HaH! Look out if you see us coming your way (LOL)!

Now we're home & getting back to business soon! My entries for December have been sparse... sorry. Aside from the holiday rush our Pontiac Aztec blew up at 76,000 miles. Hence we had to find a new set of wheels FAST. For anyone out there considering a Pontiac Aztec... RUN in the opposite direction! A money pit that never ends! The problems started a week after driving it off the lot NEW & never ended! After blowing a head gasket I decided enough is enough!

Now we've opted for a Toyota Matrix! I'm loving the gas mileage... i think i save enough in gas money to cover half the car payment every month. A little more earth friendly & a fun small car to drive-- and it handles great in the snow. All cars have their problems I'm just hoping they are the usual with this one and not the monstrous and often mysterious ones we experienced with our Pontiac!

I'll try to slide another entry in before the new year.... if i miss.... have a happy and safe NEW YEAR!! God bless.

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