Saturday, November 24, 2007

Very Exited To be starting at Gallery 141 in Lancaster, PA

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday.
Wow! I'm behind on Ebay listings! I have been working hard to set up at Gallery 141 in Lancaster, PA. I have a nice inventory of clay and jewelry there. Please be sure to stop in and see me; I'll be there on Wednesdays and for first Friday.

I'll be getting back into the groove of ebay listings now that the dust has settled from the gallery set-up.

What have I been working on? I have finally mastered a piece that has puzzled me for weeks. I have been studying Reiki & wanted to create a pendant of ' Cho Ku Rei,' the Reiki power symbol. I was seeking a sleek, sturdy piece that does NOT require solder or gluing. I wanted to create this from my heart and only with my hands... and it came together the other night! FINALLY! A simple symbol and concept in theory...but proved to be a little more complicated than I anticipated!

The final result is STUNNING-- whether you practice Reiki or not, it is a pretty pendant! I have created a few of them with and without stones... in copper, gold, and silver. I'll be sure to make a couple more and get them listed later this week! They require a light touch and and a dedicated mind...when the day is right I will make a few more.

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  1. Cathy in Oregon8:04 AM

    Hi Kristie-Lou (do you go by your full name?)

    I was organizing my bookmarks and came across one for your eBay store. I never visit eBay so I’m not sure where or when I got this link but I’m glad I found it now.

    I love your wire wrapping and your use of gemstones. It’s wonderful! This new Reiki power symbol piece is stunning. I would love to own one. The photography is good too, it’s not always easy to show the true beauty of nature’s colors. I enjoy your clay work also. It’s realism and fantasy in a lovely mix. I look forward to the day I get to own one of your creations! It will be hard to choose which treasure to buy first.

    It’s fun to read your blog (my family had a Doxie dog when I was growing up) and I wish you great success at Gallery 141.

    Warmest regard,