Sunday, October 21, 2007

To Oxidize or not to Oxidize...That is the Question!

I have been experimenting with oxidation again... I am really liking the look. Here is a pendant that has been on my bench for a couple of weeks...I photographed it before & after oxidation. It is a a beautiful Fossilized Mako Shark Tooth in a geometric wrapped setting.....

I love this wire wrapped pendant setting, it is an intricate, yet clean line design.... But I just kept looking at it polished & shiny & I was unhappy with it. For all of the time spent creating the setting it was lacking depth & appeared almost invisible next to this bold, black fossil tooth....

I decided to oxidize it & I love the effect.... it really gave this setting the depth it needed to highlight the wrapping at the top without competing with the fossil. I think I'm going to have to experiment some more with oxidizing my wire wrapped pieces! It's amazing how much it impacts & adds to some pieces.... much like a black & white picture can bring some scenes to life more than a color picture.... pretty wild!

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