Thursday, November 30, 2006

Meet Bob, the Mouse

Who's Bob the mouse? Another family member that lives in this crazy house!! Bob is Sallie's favorite toy (Sallie is the dog)! You can usually find him (or one of his many red or yellow brothers) under the bed, in the bed, on the sofa, in the bathroom, the car, the yard, or in Miss Sallie's Mouth!! If Sallie is awake, she carries Bob around with her & if she's sleeping, he's probably under her chin or not far off.

Why is he called BOB? Well, Sallie named him...she came up to us one day, dropped him on the sofa to play, & and made a noise we've never heard before-or sounded just like 'Bob'! Ask her where Bob is & she'll find him for you! Walk into any room of the house and there will be a Bob. If you offer her a new Bob, she acts like she's found a long lost friend---even though there's about 25 of them floating around the house in one place or another. Want to make her crazy, tie 2 Bobs together. We are so easily entertained--maybe we need to get out of the house a little more!!!

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