Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rainbow Moonstone, Specrolite, & Larvikite--OH MY!!

LOOK OUT! I went to a gem show on Sunday & found some gorgeous rainbow moonstone, spectrolite, & larvikite (a.k.a. Norwegian Moonstone) cabochons. I couldn't help but wrap up a few of these beauties to place in our store! The bottom two pieces are rainbow moonstone with flashes of blue, aqua, gold, and a hint of peach---most people haven't seen true rainbow moonstone--the more common blue flash is what is found in the commercial/ manufactured jewelry in the stores...these are far better quality! The top left pendant is Larvikite--a.k.a. Norwegian Moonstone--a beautiful form of moonstone that has patches of blue flashes throughout the stone that look almost like brush strokes! The top right 2 pendants feature Spectrolite--the same family as moonstone with unbleieveable flash & fire in rainbows of color!! I included a close-up of one of these pendants too---can you believe the 'fire' in this stone!

All of these gems are of the feldspar family. The characteristic shimmering reflection in these stones is called ‘adularescence’ or the ‘schiller effect’. It is created when light passes through the the different crystals composing the stone and is diffused over many different angles, creating a prism-like effect within the stone. Schiller can be seen when a stone is moved or rotated in the light.

Lore of RAINBOW MOONSTONE: Believed to help clear the mind, protect, and bring vitality and joy to its wearer. It is recommended for anyone who suffers from daily stress or who carries old emotional wounds or grief. Rainbow moonstone promotes optimism, helps one to overcome obstacles and difficult people, and can guide one through dark times.

Lore of SPECTROLITE: Said to detoxify the body and slow the aging process. It also is believed to elevate consciousness and protect a person's aura, helping to keep the aura clear, balanced, protected and free from energy leaks.

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