Friday, December 01, 2006

A Beautiful Handcrafted Christmas Charm Bracelet!!!

OH MY GOSH!!! I went to the mailbox the other day and found a mystery box address to me & inside was this awesome Christmas charm bracelet from Dee at Dingles by Diana! WHAT A SURPRISE! I have only had the pleasure of computer corres- pondence with Dee, so I was touched to receive such a beautiful a Chrsitmas gift from a fellow ebayer & jewelry designer! I can appreciate all of the work and time that goes into intricate pieces such as this!!

This bracelet is loaded with festive charms from snowmen to runner-sleds, jingle bells, angels, christmas trees, sparkly beads, baubles, and a little charm that says 'Hand made with Love!' It matches gold and silver and everything in between! I LOVE IT & I received several compliments when I wore it the other day! The jingles it makes when worn are perfect for the holiday. If you love charm bracelets contact Dingles by Diana at deecook630 @!

Below the bracelet is a photo of one of Dee's originals--little sunshine people! These little guys have been crafted by Dee with SWJ polymer clay faces, wire scrolls, colorful beads, and cute little rhinestones & adornments! These little sunshine people make adorable pendants (sorry, my pendant photo won't upload)!

I have been so fortunate to have met some of the nicest people on ebay and online! Thank you Dee for this surprise gift and for sharing your artwork with me! You are a master at combining little bits & pieces to create something beautiful!

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