Friday, August 18, 2006

Wire Wrapping Vintage Jewelry

Did you know wire wrapped jewelry is a great way to salvage or repair vintage and/or broken jewelry!! Got an earring you lost the match to? Got a broken piece of jewelry? Got a tarnished ring? Got antique buttons or coins? Got a little shell or pebble you picked up while on vacation years ago? We all have these bits and pieces in the bottom of our jewelry box that have irreplaceable sentimental value...yet they stay hidden away in a box...probably never to be worn or used again! When we're gone--someone will throw them away not ever know what they meant to us! Why do we do this? GET THEM OUT AND DO SOMETHING WITH THEM!!!

I can recreate a new beautiful piece of jewelry with these old treasures! These photos are of a pair of vintage earrings a customer of mine had broken...she loved them so much she saved the broken pieces for years...she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw I created a beautiful NEW pair of earrings out of them for her!! I have re-set cabochons & stones (amber/jade) and I have even wrapped vintage costume jewelry and rings that were tarnished & peeling to breath new life and purpose into them for people that treasured these things for years -- and yet did nothing with them! Got something you'd like wrapped--contact me!! The holidays will be here before you know idea for someone huh?!?

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  1. Have you ever done jewelry using sea glass?