Saturday, August 19, 2006

What is Wire Wrapped Jewelry?

Wow! When I started blogging, not to long ago, I assumed everyone knew what wire wrapped jewelry was...OOPS! Just because I am surrounded by it every day (literally... not just on my workbench... it's on the kitchen counter, the coffee table, the bathroom, the car, sometimes the washer, and probably even in the freezer) doesn't mean everyone knows what it is!

If you haven't heard of it, you're not alone... wire wrapped jewelry isn't available at your local deparment store. It is unique, this type of jewelry can not be created via mass production or by machine. That is the beauty and allure of wire wrapped jewelry! That is why when you wear a piece someone will undoubtedly stop you & ask about it or compliment you on it!

Oh, where to definition... wire wrapped jewelry is a method of crafting jewelry by hand, with wire & a few simple hand tools....

It involves wrapping, weaving, and twisting wires together to create wearable jewelry. The tools consist of many types of pliers, cutters, hammers, & files...NO torches, kilns, solder, chemicals, or machinery is used! The result is beautiful, TRULY handcrafted jewelry with every piece being One-of-a-Kind! Wire wrapped jewelry has exisited since Ancient Egyptian and Babylonian times!

There are many different types and styles of wire jewelry, and I'm sure new styles are born every day. All of them share 2 common factors--they are made with wire & by hand.
  • Wire Wrapped jewelry consists of bundles of wires that are wrapped together to create settings and jewelry framework (photo of blue opal is wire wrapped).
  • Wire Sculpted jewelry is similar, however, instead of wrapping bundles of wire they are swirled and curled to create an ornate framework of bindings and intricate designs to hold the piece together (photo of amethyst pendant is wire sculpted).
  • Wire Crocheted jewelry is crocheted just as you would with yarn, beads and stones are often woven into these creations.
  • Wire Knotted, Woven, & Sewn jewelry, as the name implies, consists of intricately woven or sewn structure to create unique designs.
Wire wrapped jewelry creation is much like handwriting...every artist has their own methods and style! Even when I teach someone, they have their own style and unique way of manipulating the wire without even realizing it. Like any art, each artist has their own interpretation and naturally aquired techniques.

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