Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wire Wrapped Ice...Cool Kyanite Bracelets!

Another HOT day today, heat indexes are over 110 degrees! Today I decided to stay in and organize my dusty, dirty workbench. Crystals, stones, beads, and snips of wire have crowded me out of my workspace. Now they are organized and I won't be able to find anything for a week!

What better to wrap on a hot day than a cool, ice blue stone! Kyanite is one of my favorites...its crystalline icey and sapphire blues are gorgeous. I created these 2 kyanite bracelets. The stones have a beautiful icey blue shimmer & the wraps have a sleek celestial feel. They are a classic wire wrapped banded style bracelet with strands of 20 gauge half-hard wire swirled around the kyanite & Bali bead focals. The swirls protect the focal beads and look good too! You can find these in our Ebay store.

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