Thursday, August 03, 2006

Red Hot Wire Wrapped Collar!

Today I'm trying to come up with a new design for a catalog entry. I'm shooting for a dramatic neckpiece. I crafted this necklace centerpiece with brass, copper, & red jade cabochons...I'll be making the final piece out of sterling silver. I like to practice with copper & brass when I'm trying to come up with a new design that needs lots of wire...this piece would have eatten about 3/4 of an ounce of silver (ouch! at today's silver prices).

I think I like it, but I was hoping to incorporate a few beads into the design...unless I work them into the chain. The sleek scrolls and arches in this piece might be out of place with beads....we'll see what tomorrow brings!

We're getting ready to go to a HUGE gem show in Massachusettes next weekend...I can't wait! I've got gem show fever!! I can't wait to find lots of little treasures to wrap & create new things with!


  1. Found your blog using the Next Blog button -- you're right, I had not heard of wire wrppaed jewerry and wow -- your work is very nice! :)

  2. Thank You, I'm glad you found me & got to see a little WW Jewelry! I'll have to do an entry about Wire Wrapping. It is a beautiful form of 100% handcrafted jewelry...No torches, solder, molds, or glue just hands and pliers! IT's addictive--to create and wear because it's nothing like tradition department store jewelry! Thanks again!