Saturday, April 26, 2014

Polymer Clay faces on Stone Slabs....

 Hope you're having a GREAT weekend!  

I wanted to share the first few pieces I created with the stone slabs I found at the gem show last weekend!  I have a bunch more in the works on my bench, in various stages of completion.  I'll be sure to share more as they come to life.  

This little batch includes... 
A Dragon Lady on Brazilian Jasper, the gothic colors in this stone inspired her.  I couldn't help make her a bit gothic with those rich reds, blacks, harvest golds, and browns in the jasper.  

Next is a Dragon Lady on a slice of natural Blue and beige Agate.  Don't be fooled, this dragon lady is just as tough and dangerous as her gothic sister above, she only LOOKS a little gentler -in shades of blue, gray, silver, and gold.  

Then we have the Stream Sisters, with a fish friend, on Blue/Green/Brown Serpentine.  The pattern in the stone slab and memories of my sister and I spending COUNTLESS hours playing in the creek near our house when we were kids inspired this piece.  ...Oh my we spent entire days catching minnows, crayfish, & salamanders and building damns, throwing rocks, and playing in that muddy water!!

And finally is a Butterfly Lady on Java Agate.  This fairy lady is a bit of springtime joy captured in clay ....The pretty corals and warm, earthy beiges within this stone, and the tulips blooming outside my front door, inspired her for sure.  

I'll be listing these in my shop soon!  Each is one of a kind, sadly I couldn't reproduce them even if I wanted to.  Thanks for checking in and I hope these little ladies inspire you!! 

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