Thursday, April 24, 2014

Artful Stones I just HAD to wire wrap this week....

 I wrapped some beauties this week!  When I was at the gem show last weekend I also found some gorgeous cabochons I couldn't resist wrapping --in between my clay creations.  All of them have amazing scenery or artful patterns within ...and they're all natural! 

The pieces I wire wrapped this week (so far) include Shattuckite, Bumblebee Jasper, Porcelain Jasper, and Morrisonite.  

The shattuckite reminds me of a view of earth from outer space, complete with a blue sunset on the horizon.  The bumblebee jasper has a mountain scene within.  The porcelain jasper & morrisonite have intricate, abstract patterns like works of fine art.  All of these colors, scenes, and expertly created works of art are compliments of Mother Nature ...and skilled lapidary hands.  Oh God, am I a stone nerd or what? 

I'll have an update soon with pics of some of the clay pieces I'm working on with the stone slabs I found at the show too.  Soooo many stones, so little time ...what's a girl to do?

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