Sunday, December 04, 2011

Gallery Time...

Last night was the 6x6 show at the Infantree Gallery in Lancaster, PA. Artists from all over the area submitted small 6x6 works of art. This was my second year, and hopefully the 4 creations I made have new homes! These ladies were a labor of love (not money, that's for sure, I probably made 10 cents an hour in the end--LOL!). I spent a ridiculous amount of time creating them... between normal daily creative time and time for these, I was double-shifting it all week.

I decided if I was going to do this project for the show I was going to have fun playing and learning a new technique. Mission accomplished! I learned how to dye clay, now I am addicted!! The colors are so vibrant and flow together beautifully. There is a Zen to watching the inks and dyes flow together, and trying to control them for aesthetically pleasing results. They have a mind of their own, you just have to encourage them, cross your fingers, and "go with the flow".

I look forward to scaling these down and incorporating my new found love into my beads and jewelry creations. I'll keep you posted, I have a few pieces started, I just need to finish them...ahhh the story of my life!

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