Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Pieces ready for this Weekend!

These are the pretty ladies I have been working on this week!! Purples and turquoises were the colors I indulged in. Amethyst slices, turquoise, howlite, lavender marble, mother of pearl and more! There's one in the batch I may not be able to part with. It has been awhile since I fell in love with a piece like I have with her. I am inspired, hope you are too!

I have been working steadily however, our humidity and temperatures have been in the 100's all week, and even managed to reach 105 degrees -with a heat index of 121 degrees yesterday! Thank goodness for Air Conditioning! Even with the A/C the humidity causes my glazes and adhesives to dry very, VERY slow. We do not have a dehumidifier to help, so I am at the whim of nature when it comes to the humidity. Hopefully next week will bring some relief, I dread August as it is usually even hotter than July!

I'll begin listing these in my etsy shop tonight, I'm a slow lister, if I'm able they'll all be listed...if I'm extra slow, the rest will be listed tomorrow night. I have a few more unfinished pieces on my bench, they will be my weekend project. Not sure what next week will bring, my heart is torn. Hope you enjoy the view, there's lots of pictures here (click on a picture to see them up close & personal).

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