Friday, July 29, 2011

New Paua Shell Mermaid Beads

This week it is Paua Shell Mermaids! I created a bunch of Paua shell mermaids and I have 2 Norwegian Moonstone ladies that hid while I was taking pictures. I guess it was a week of iridescent backdrops and metallic clay. Lots of shimmer and shine in these pieces. I have worked on them countless hours, lots of love has gone into each one. It always amazes me how few pieces it looks like there is in a batch, but there's SOOOOO much detail in each one.

Hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for looking, perhaps these mermaids will inspire you to take a dip. If you're lucky the ocean, the creek down the road, the pool, or perhaps just a soothing bubble bath. Enjoy!Add Image

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