Thursday, March 24, 2011

New faces!!

Lots of new faces in the works including spring inspired pieces and new ethnic designs. I can't wait for spring, it is COOOOOLLD out here again. Thank goodness we had a little warm-up for inspiration. I can't wait for leaves, flowers, butterflies, sunshine, & short sleeves again!

I have had several requests for different skintones including sun-tones and ethnic shades. I've been working hard to perfect them. I like the light peachy blend I have been using, but I have to admit ...having Native American blood in me, the color I've been using (light flesh) is FAR FAR lighter than my natural skintone is (and was even on the day I was born). So, I finally decided to work on more realistic hues. They are semi-translucent blends that look like real flesh or fine porcelain. I am loving them!! I will be incorpoating them in all of my designs as time goes on. I am still trying to decide how to standardize the colors to keep them consistent. This way pieces can be matched over time. I am thinking levels of shading and indicating undertones will work best... I'll get it figured out eventually. :)

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