Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lots & Lots & Lots of new clay and Jewelry!

I have been addicted to earrings lately! Wire wrapped earrings and I even sported for a few pairs with clay. Lots of tiny geodes, a once in a lifetime pair of dioptase druzy earrings, and classic wire wrapped cabochons. It has been fun. I haven't made intricate earrings in months and the bug finally bit me. I also wrapped a few crystals and color druzy pieces. I have a few challenging stones I am trying to figure out how to best wrap. I'm probably one of the few that walks around with their brain literally tied in knots, knots of wire, thinking and planning of how to wind them around certain stones.

Aside from keeping busy making new pieces, I did a quick inventory and my eyes almost fell out of my head.... I could not believe how many extra pieces I have that aren't listed!! So, needless to say I have to get listing! I am the slowest lister in the world, and I am easily distracted, so I will be chaining myself to my desk to get them posted on etsy and ebay this week!!

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