Monday, October 04, 2010

Meet Zeus McKraken, all 4 pounds of him!

Meet Zeus, 4 pounds of puppy love and energy that will melt your heart!

It's been a VERY tough month in our house. After much thought and consideration we decided to take the plunge. Sallie and all of us were having a rough time on our own, and we know Ollie would not have wanted Sallie or any of us to be sad. Zeus is the newest member of our family and he is keeping us busy, especially Sallie!

It's been nice seeing her play and have purpose again. She likes to watch over everyone and is trying hard to keep Zeus in line. She's very good at tattling on him and is trying to teach him to be a good boy. He's quite a character and learning more and more every day!! I just wish the rainy, cold weather would let up a little, it's been rough "pottty-training" him. Short legs and cold wet grass are not a dachshund puppy's friend!


  1. cute pup. Dogs are pack animals and I am a firm believer from past experience that every dog should have a canine friend. I would never have just one dog again. Zeus is a doll and Sallie is in second childhood.
    Lucky you!

  2. Everyone who loves animals is a person of good soul .. a big hug.

  3. Anonymous4:47 PM

    He is adorable!