Sunday, May 02, 2010

Helicopter Girls are Back!

Helicopter girls are back! For a short time we are being showered with maple seeds and I will be making helicopter girl cameos. Each of the intricate seeds adorning these fairy girls is a clay impression of a real maple tree seed. Each seed can only be pressed into the clay once, so they are all one-of-a kind.

For me, these cameos are fond childhood memories brought to life, to be enjoyed forever. Memories of throwing handfuls of maple seeds into the air, to watch them float their way down to earth. Spinning all the way, like tiny helicopter blades, OR perhaps they are tiny helicopter fairies raining down from heaven.

Each is a fusion of Mother Nature's finest and a little creative imagination. Hope they make you smile!


  1. Hi, very clever idea and they'll so beautiful! I have a Silver Maple Tree in my backyard and boy do I sure have helicopters everywhere! I hope that you have a wonderful day.

  2. So beautiful cameos, sweet faces, I like them very much:)

  3. Well... wow! I was a helicopter girl. I grew up in Connecticut, and we had a huge maple tree in our back yard when I was a kidling. We used to call them noses. When we weren't zinging them into the air and watching them spin around, we'd split the helicopters in half, peel the part with the seed in it, remove the seed, and then stick them on our noses. Will you be making more of these? I'd love to have one with a stem sticking out of it. These are fabulous!