Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Victorian Inspired Name Pendant

Today I finished a Victorian inspired Pendant, an idea I have carried around in my brain for a long time, and never sat down to create it! This design was born years ago, while reading Love is in the Earth by Melody. I was intrigued by an excerpt in her book about pendants of the Victorian era. Pendants were created with gems that started with the letters of the wearer's name to optimize the wearer's energy field. I love this concept.

I made this first piece for a friend, I'm hoping she loves it when she receives it!! I was aiming for a free-form shape and when I was finished, I had to laugh... it is a tree shape. I did not set out to create a tree shaped pendant, it just happened.... All week I've been contemplating a live Christmas Tree I saw at the local grocery store. It was so cute, I was wishing I had just bought it, but being in a hurry and knowing I had several more errands to run, I decided against it. I think this might be a sign I need to go back and see if it's still there waiting for me!

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