Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Chair Died!

After Thousands of hours... I mean THOUSANDS of hours, my old chair finally died! I hate to see it go... like losing an old friend. I named her Betsy, after a 1970-something Chevy Chevette my Mom owned when we were kids. Laugh if you will, but it's true, naming the car is a family tradition. Current car is the GREY PHANTOM (grey Toyota), car before was the KILLER BEE (a yellow Pontiac), car before THE RED BARON (red jeep).

Santa delivered the new chair today, he couldn't get it here in time for Christmas, so UPS delivered it today. My but thanks you Santa Ian! I'm not sure what the name will be for the new chair. It is all shiny and new, it needs a little character. I think I need to get to know her a little better before I pick a name. If you have a suggestion let me know-- I have no idea what to name this one!

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