Monday, September 07, 2009

WOW! I have a lot of stones!!

Oh my, do I have a lot of stones and crystals!!! I didn't realize just HOW MANY until I started re-organizing everything today. I'm not sure if I'll ever be finished!! My old system just wasn't working and needed to be torn apart and re-done... When the stones are in disarray, my brain is in disarray... so this is something I HAD to do before I go crazy!

While finding space for the new pieces I have discovered many old treasures I forgot about. I'm trying to remain focused, but it's SOOOOOO HARD! The more pieces I find and see together the more I want to start wrapping them. I must resist temptation!! I must!

If there's a stone you've been looking for don't be afraid to ask, I just might have a piece! I think I am going to take pictures of some of my stock trays and share some stones with you over the next few weeks. I wish my hands could wrap them faster --I hate seeing them all locked up in trays---they need to be shared and enjoyed!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We have had the most beautiful weather! We went to a local art show and it was amazing (Long's Park Fine Art Show) ... so many talented artists and such a nice mix of things to see. It was real inspiring!


  1. Oh so lucky you! So many stones, so little time to wrap! Looking forward to seeing what you create!