Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Rainbow of New Phantom Quartz Crystals!!!

These are some of the new finds from last weeks gem show-- a rainbow of phantom quartz crystals!! It is amazing the colors quartz comes in--the possibilities are endless!! I think that's why it is my all time favorite stone to collect and wrap! I found a bunch of new colors and varieties, many I have never seen in person until now. It's going to be hard to let some of them go, but I can't keep hoarding them. They are to pretty to sit hidden away in my collection; they need to be enjoyed. From Left to right these pieces include:
  • Brandberg Quartz with Amethyst & Smoky phantoms
  • Blue Indicolite (tourmaline) in Quartz (x2)
  • Indicolite and red hematite phanotm quartz
  • Silver & Gold Angel phantom quartz
  • Rutilated green Chlorite phantom quartz
  • Rose lithium quartz
  • Mauve Lithium Quartz

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