Monday, August 10, 2009

Ahhh, back from the Show and trouble with ebay!

Hi! I'm back from the Gem Show and have a lot of organizing and catching up to do! I will be sure to photograph and share some of my new treasures--they are BEAUTIFUL! Kerri and I had a fun and EXHAUSTING trip... 6 hours driving there, 2 hours of sleep, 8 hours at the show, followed immediately by 8 hours of driving home (with a dinner break). I would do it all over again, but it took me 2 days to receover--next year, I'll be spending an extra day!

I found lots of new Phantom Quartz Crystals, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Faden Quartz, Dark Purple Brandberg Amethyst, and lots more new pieces I'm excited to work with this week. I had one mishap... All of the Green phantom quartz I bought was lost at the show... I am so upset. It's not the expense of the loss.... I was SO looking forward to working with the amazing dark green crystals I found... and they weren't in my bag when I got home!!! I called the vendor and haven't heard back. I'm hoping I left them at the stand I bought them from, my fingers are crossed. :(

I like many people out there am affected by the ebay-Comcast outage.... I can not get into my ebay store to list new items and to send messages... you may not be bale to buy from my store until this mess is solved. I haven't been able to get in since Saturday! Ebay blames Comcast and Comcast blames ebay... I don't care whose fault it is... they need to stop the finger pointing and fix the problem. MANY, many people are stuck and have been for 3 days now!!!! IF you are affected be sure to report it to ebay--it's the only way they will fix the problem. To read/complain about the problem visit the ebay technical chat board.

Well I have to organize all of my new pretties---I will post pictures soon!

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