Monday, April 27, 2009

Meet Bead Artist Kerri aka Beadworks by Kerri

Today's featured artist is bead and jewelry artist Kerri, of Beadworks by Kerri. I am so excited to share Kerri with you because I had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing her creations in person! Her jewelry is beautiful and she is amazing!

With years of beading experience, Kerri creates and offers a wide spectrum of beaded jewelry including intricately beaded cabochon settings, loomed earrings, sleek gemstone necklaces, bridal jewelry and more. I admire Kerri's ability to create intricate pieces that are practical, and maintain a casual feel, so you can wear them every day. Her matte beaded settings and pendants are some of my favorites!

In Kerri's words, "I've been a beader for many years. My life long love affair with arts and crafts began when I was a young girl and my grandmother taught me how to crochet. Ever since, I'm always happiest when my hands are creating something."

Be sure to visit Kerri's etsy shop, Beadworks by Kerri. If you're in Pennsylvania, Kerri is currently featuring her work at Gallery 141 in Lancaster and at Olde Factory Arts & Antiques in Hummelstown. She will be at Gallery 141 this Friday evening for First Friday and she volunteers time in the gallery 3 days during the week.

Thank you Kerri for allowing me to share your creations with everyone. I'm so glad I met you and look forward to lunch again and going to the Philadelphia Bead show!


  1. Wonderful work and not too far from where I am. Love looking at others work and enjoying the creativity.

  2. Lovely piece of jewelry. Wonderful creation of art. Simply beautiful.