Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Valentine's Clay Faces on the Way!

New Valentine's Day Faces are on the way! I have been playing with new designs... not all are the cute-sy standard issue hearts and flowers...some are a little out there... others a bit 'dark'... I'm loving all of them!! I have a Valentine Sweetheart now, but there were MANY Valentine's Day I had a RAT...I think those memories inspired a few of these. I laughed making all of them especially the wierd ones, don't be scared.

The featured piece tonight is my "Valentine Chocolate Savage"... she is adorned with chocolate hearts and bright red lips... She's taken a viscious bite out of one of her chocolate hearts, as evidenced by the lipstick on the chocolate and crumbs on her chin. She is ME--I love chocolate!! LOL

Other new pieces include "My Valentine Purple Hearts" for those of us that have survived many a lame Valentine's Day without injuring anyone! There is the "Broken Heart Goddess, complete with RED lips and a broken heart with golden edges. And, for those that are over Valentine's Day there's the "Valentine Skeleton"--this piece is a conversation starter for sure!! LOL!

I'll be listing all of these, and many more, in my ebay store later today...Wednesday. I must go to bed's 3:30 in the morning! Oops, I got a little carried away tonight! Goodnight or good morning!


  1. Great Job! I like all of them!

  2. I really like the Valentine Skeleton!