Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tonight's featured Artist: Carol Glassman of Finest Lines

Tonight the spotlight is on Beaded Jewelry Artist, Carol Glassman of Finest Lines. Carol creates amazingly intricate and beautiful beaded jewelry designs! When she isn't beading, Carol is writing and editing, teaching writing, and facilitating book reviews... her business, Finest Lines, is a writing and editing business in South Florida. (Or, perhaps it's the other way around--business then beading--LOL).

In Carol's words "I have been beading in different styles since before most people were born :). As an art teacher in a junior high school in Canada for many years, I incorporated beads and looms in my curriculum. I got very serious about beading in Florida 3 - 4 years ago, when I saw a beaded amulet bag at a local art show. I was very excited and could not rest until I learned how to do it. One day when I was out with my husband, we came across a bead shop, I saw some similar work, and a sign saying they gave classes. That's how I met Barbara..." Carol has taken classes from and is friends with Barbara Ellis, a bead fellow bead artist (featured a few days ago).

Carol shared pictures of her newest creations and is allowing me to post them here for you. "Mermaid" is a beaded cameo necklace. The pearls dangle over her face when this piece is worn. I love the movement and branches in this design, just as it would be in this mermaid's sea. "Vampira" is a cuff bracelet complete with a bat barrette in her web-like hair and pet bats by her side! Carol is in the process of creating a blog or website, she enjoys beading more than taking pictures (I can appreciate that statement!). In the meantime you can find her posting on ABOUT.COM: BEADWORK.

Thank you Carol for sharing your creations, a bit of yourself, and for inspiring me. I love the depth and thought provoking elements in your designs. You've got me thinking of new clay ideas, I need to get to work!

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