Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meet Artist Judy Love of Classy Ass Gifts of Oatman, Arizona

Today the spotlight is on artist Judy Love, a fellow jewelry artist. Judy creates beautiful wire wrapped and sculpted jewelry and beaded necklace / earring sets. Judy's creations are available in her shop Classy Ass Gifts of Oatman, Arizona, located along historic Route 66. (You've gotta love the name of her store!)
Judy has a keen eye for combining gemstones, cameos, and crystals into pieces of wearable art. I admire her ability to incorporate multiple elements into a single piece of jewelry. Her wrapping and sculpting talents unite everything so gracefully it looks effortless. This is NOT as easy as she makes it look, it takes a special talent--I know this first hand! In Judy's words, "I have a good imagination, so that helps!!"

If you are traveling along Route 66 be sure to stop by Judy's store to see her beautiful jewelry in person. Judy also creates beaded necklace and earring sets and features art and handcrafted items from other local Arizona artists. Can't make it to Arizona... visit her website Classy Ass Gifts of Oatman. She is just getting her site up and running, nothing for sale online at the moment, but its a great place to meet her, get directions if you're traveling through Arizona, or visit her shop from afar.

Thank you Judy for sharing your jewelry designs and ideas with me, I love them! And, thank you for challenging my imagination and inspiring me to create new clay designs. I hope we have a chance to stop by Judy's shop someday. We made the trip a few years ago, but I didn't know Judy back then. We were only a few miles away from her shop.... the world gets smaller every day!

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