Friday, September 26, 2008

A Race to make Leaf Lady Beads & Faces!

I've been busy making leaf ladies! Fall is here and it's a race for little leaves to make faces with before winter comes and claims them until next year!

I love adorning my little faces with impressions of tiny Mulberry, Sumac, and Cherry leaves. I hunt the yard and neighborhood for tiny sprout leaves, roll them into the clay to get impressions of all the intricate little veins and textures nature has created. Once they are rolled into the clay, I trim around the leaf with a needle, creating a tiny clay leaf! Lots of work, but so beautiful when they are antiqued or accented with metallic powders. A stamp or mold could never produce such intricate detail.

My neighbors probably think I'm nuts! I wander around with a pair of scissors and trim the weeds, so new buds will grow more pretty leaves. Most people pull their weeds--I trim them like little bonsai's! The mulberry sprouts are compliments of the birds...where there is a birds nest there's bound to be mulberry sprouts below :) I'm sure it's the same with the sumac and cherries too. Gives new meaning to "one man's trash is another man's treasure!" LOL

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