Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Natural Geode Earings and a pendant!

I've been wrapping new stones and crystals I found at last weekend's Gem Show! Today I wanted to share these geode earring sets and a geode pendant. The earrings feature matched pairs of tiny geode halves with lots of natural color and sparkle. I have set them in solid sterling silver in one of my signature earring settings. These little geodes are so fascinating- I would pick these natural one-of-a-kinds any day over processed and manufactured stones!

The darker pieces are natural red and green geodes lined with sparkling quartz druzy. Colorful geodes like these are a rare find. These are a combination of Green jasper, speckled red agate, white agate, and super sparkly quartz druzy. The shades of deep red and green and the speckled patterns within the agate will match bloodstone beautifully--and the colors would be great for Christmas/Holiday time. The pendant matches these earrings, larger sized geode--same reds and greens less the white agate and lots of glittering druzy in the center.

The lighter pair of earrings are classic beige and white agate with super sparkly quartz druzy centers. The neutral color of these will match natural geode slice pendants beautifully and any brown/beige gems well.

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