Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Beautiful Necklaces by Epona's Jewels & The Witch's Cupboard

This entry is dedicated to and The Witch's Cupboard! A fellow ebay artist who shared pictures of her handmade necklaces with me...and WOW, they are BEAUTIFUL! She listed these necklaces in her store today, click on the pictures--they are links to these pieces.

What an eye for color and clean, elegant design. These pieces are a combination of gemstones, Czech glass, metal beads, and SWJ polymer clay faces... many different media unite to create such smooth, flawless designs. She makes it look so easy, I am envious!

As much as I love working with wire and clay I struggle to bead...all of the colors, textures, shapes, sizes, & strands just overwhelm me. When I see pieces like this it amazes me! A special thank you to Nancy at Epona's Jewelry for sending pics and sharing these with me --and allowing me to share them with you. Check out her creations and consider treating yourself!

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  1. Also this one, it's very beautiful! I love it!